LOPES GRADING                                                                

Recent Projects

Projects in the last ten years include:

  • Perini/Kiewit/Atkinson – fine grading of Charlestown Tunnel and roads above the tunnel
  • Perini/Kiewit/Cashman – construction of ramp E, exit from Mass Pike to South Boston
  • Perini Co. – fine grading of temporary and permanent roads into Logan Airport
  • Ronald A. Marini Co. – construction of baseball fields in Mendon and Worcester
  • N. Sacca and Sonsroad and handicap walk grading in Perkins School, Watertown        
  • Don Martin Corp. – fine grading of taxiways to runways at Logan Airport
  • Cashman/Balfour/Beatty – fine grading for track beds and parking lots for Greenbush T Line
  • McCourt Construction—build and shape all slopes and all subgrade shaping at Granite Links Golf Course Project
  • Various cranberry bog construction
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